Summer Bucket List

Can you believe it’s already August?! With the summer slowly slipping away and wedding crunch time in full effect, it’s time to take a step back. I am reminding myself to take a breather and really enjoy this last month. I made up a simple list of some fun (mostly) non wedding activities I want to do! And seriously, what better way to end the summer with a bang then our honeymoon in Antigua?! Can’t wait to get there! What’s on your summer bucket list?

- More Cedar beach days

- Kismet/ Fire Island

- Boat day

- Take advantage of running outside

- Evening bike ride

- Prime outdoor movie night

- Paddle boarding – did this but need to go again!

- Pick a new restaurant on the water and dine alfresco

- Play tennis

- Read a great book – Just started Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra :)

- Drive the truck on the beach

- Pool day- lawn games- BBQ

- Take some last minute engagement pics on the beach/Fire Island

- Yoga in Bryant Park

- Outdoor happy hour

- Montauk weekends


The gorgeous view at Prime.

They have outdoor movies on Monday nights- you can grab a cocktail, some popcorn and see this beautiful sunset. Nothing better!


So I have movie night crossed off my list this week! Hoping to have a fun boat and beach day this weekend, the weather looks amazing. Have a great rest of the week!



Bachelorette Weekend!

Hello! So this post is a week late, but I’ve been in recovery mode. I had such an amazing bachelorette weekend in Montauk with my favorite ladies! My fiancé had his bachelor party this weekend in Atlantic City so it was nice to spend the past few days playing catch up and getting more wedding things done with my mom and sister.

So this is how it went down. We kicked off the weekend with happy hour at Cyril’s and then went bar hopping around town.


Saturday was a relaxing beach day followed by dinner at Navy Beach! Dinner was great and the sunset/ambiance is amazing. However the service sucks and the people there are very stuck up so beware!


All my ladies wore pink and of course I was in white! I absolutely loved my dress, you can find it here Rent the Runway !


Saturday night consisting of randomly ending up on a yacht, partying the night away at sloppy tuna and of course playing with the tiki piñata when we got home!

bach9bach2 bach4

On Sunday we had a spa day and lunch at Gurney’s Inn. If you are going to be in Montauk this is a must. It is so beautiful there and the spa amenities are great. I am also obsessed with the new Beach Club restaurant right on the sand.

Thanks for reading! I’ll be back later in the week. Only 26 days to go!! Holy crap!


Countdown is on

It’s Monday again…. wamp wamp! The weekends have been going by quicker and quicker lately. Thank God for summer Fridays.. getting out at 2:00pm every Friday definitely makes a difference!

The countdown is on and eating healthy and working out has become my top priority. I hate to admit that I’ve been doing great during the week and then completely fall off the bandwagon on the weekends… insert frozen drinks/beer/wine/going out to dinner- UGH. I just hate depriving myself especially on the weekends. I hate feeling regimented. But enough complaining – I have 40 days to go and it’s time to make some sacrifices. I haven’t been getting in enough work outs during  the week so I’m thinking if I up my game in the workout department and REALLY watch what I eat during the week I should be good. I really can’t give up the drinks on the weekends – it’s not summer without it!  Here is my usual routine…


Coffee – I usually drink some Keurig coffee while I get ready for work. If I’m in the mood for cold,  I grab a vanilla iced coffee from Starbucks or Dunkin. No sugar and a splash of low fat milk.

Nutribullet Smoothie- I try and make these at least 3-4 days a week. I prep them the night before with whatever ingredients I have on hand. Usually spinach, baby carrots, plain Greek yogurt, frozen/fresh fruit and maca powder.

1 packet of Organic oatmeal- I eat this at my desk at work around 10am

On days that I don’t make a smoothie I usually just grab a banana or a hard boiled egg to go.


Turkey sandwich- so boring I know, but its the easiest thing for me to do. Turkey, one slice of cheese and mustard on whole wheat bread. If I’m feeling frisky I’ll add avocado or sliced cucumber or tomato on my sandwich- yum! I never use mayo anymore. On days I don’t bring my lunch I grab a chopped salad which I love. Always with turkey in it, a little goat cheese and black olives. I usually eat this between 12:30pm-1:00pm.


I normally get hungry around 3pm at work. Instead of going to the vending machine for a bag of pretzels, I brought some watermelon slices today..delish! I also usually bring a cliff bar to hold me over until dinner. I need to work on bringing a healthy/filling snack to work so I don’t get too hungry and devour dinner. I also like to have another cup of coffee around this time to keep my energy up.


Our normal dinner routine consists of lean meat (chicken, turkey burgers or fish) a veggie, salad and brown rice or quinoa on a good day. I would say we have about 3-4 “good days” a week. The other days we are busy, starving or just not home to make something. We don’t eat fast food and have pretty much eliminated the Chinese take out. We do grab pizza once in a while (I always get a salad slice and eat half a regular slice). Other then that I try and make the best possible choices when eating out and not over eat. I love sushi, any type of fish and try to avoid anything carby at all costs. We usually eat dinner between 6:30-8pm. The time always changes due to our schedules, but I do hate eating late!

{After din snack}

On a good day I’ll have a cup of yogi green tea and call it a night :) Other days I’ll have a glass of wine. I just try not to eat anything else after 8pm. It can be hard, but the most important thing is to keep yourself busy. I try to do crunches and stretch while watching TV, because if I just sit there I get tempted to eat again. I do buy weight watchers chocolate ice cream or a I’ll have a  handful of organic sea salt popcorn if I really need something.

I’m going to start taking more pictures of the food I’m eating and posting here on the blog. I’m no foodie or chef by ANY means, but I do enjoy eating healthy. It also gives me some extra motivation when sharing on the blog!

Staying active is the most important thing! I ended the weekend with a sunset paddle board sesh at a friends house last night. It felt so good to unwind and enjoy the sunset. I love summer!


Have a great week! I’ll try and post soon with more wedding updates!

My bachelorette party is next weekend so I will definitely have an update on how that crazy weekend goes down :)






50 Day Mark!

Hello and Happy Friday!

It’s completely crazy to me that our wedding is 50 days away. To be honest I am starting to go into major melt down mode. There is still so much to do and being at work everyday is driving me insane. I so badly am wishing I was teacher right now for the summer off. On the other hand I am also desperately trying to savor each and every moment of this time. That being said this is what we still need to get done!!

- Church programs

- Welcome bags for hotel guests

- Dress fittings

- Tux fittings

- Final meetings with photog, florist and band

- Escort cards and table #’s

- Create Guest Book

- Gifts for parents and finish bridesmaid/groomsman gifts

- Drop off paper work at the church/finalize readings/songs/etc

- Tasting at the venue

- Engagement pictures??

- Marriage license

- Wedding bands

So glad we were able to get our marriage license Monday and we went ring shopping last night! :)

In other news we had a fun relaxing July 4th weekend in Montauk! It was nice to get away from the planning for a bit but it also is stressful not getting things done!

mtk1 mtk2 mtk3

I made these yummy cupcakes with coconut, blueberries and raspberries :)


So in 50 days we’ll be getting married here! Seriously can’t wait!


I’ll be back next week with more updates. This weekend we have my sister’s engagement party and hopefully getting in a beach/boat day!

Have a great one!






July 4th Weekend

July 4th has always been my favorite holiday (besides Christmas!!) and the 4 day weekend cannot come soon enough! We will be headed out to Montauk for our annual vaca on Thursday. There will be bonfires on the beach, paddle boarding, beach time and plenty of eating & drinking ;) I am forcing myself to work out every morning this year too. With exactly 2 MONTHS TO GO till the wedding there is zero time for excuses!!! Time to get down to business! Steve and I took Monday off as well to take care of a few wedding things – we will be getting our marriage license and shopping for wedding bands- so exciting! We are also planning on taking a few last minute beach engagement pics. Hopefully I will have those to post next week. I keep forgetting to post my invitation but promise I will do that soon.

I really want to attempt a festive cake or cupcakes this year!

july6 july10july5july7july8



Have an amazing holiday weekend!! Do you have any July 4th traditions?



Bridal Shower Invites

Happy Monday! I wanted to share how much I just LOVED my bridal shower invites. They are Bonnie Marcus brand and she has so many pretty designs! The matching thank you cards are just precious! I originally saw these on Pinterest and told my sister how much I liked them. So glad she ordered them for me! They were very reasonably priced too. Our wedding invites are going out on Friday, so I will be sharing what they look like later in the week!



My Bridal Shower

Happy Friday! I can’t believe its been almost a week since my bridal shower! It’s been a whirlwind of a week! I had the most beautiful shower last Sunday thanks to my mom and sister.  The day was filled with all things I love- family, friends, brunch, mimosas, yummy cake, sunny weather, pink flowers, and a stunning view of the water.

Gift table! From Miss to Mrs. sign is from Etsy!

Gift table! From Miss to Mrs. sign is from Etsy!

Advice for the bride cards,  my Mrs. hanger, game prizes were bottles of rose and Essie nail polish, and favors were Bath & Body works body wash {From Tara's shower to yours!} The shadow box is my great grandmother's hankie I wore as a bonnet on my Christening and will use as a hankie on my wedding day :)

Advice for the bride cards, my Mrs. hanger, game prizes were bottles of rose and Essie nail polish, and favors were Bath & Body works body wash {From Tara’s shower to yours}


My sister made the seating chart. I think it came out beautiful!

My sister made the seating chart. I think it came out beautiful!


My cake was so delicious and perfect <3

My cake was so delicious and perfect <3

Bride to Be!

Bride to Be!

A thoughtful gift from a family friend- The lyrics of our first dance song. Love this so much! We will definitely have this on display at the wedding.

A thoughtful gift from a family friend- The lyrics of our first dance song. Love this so much! We will definitely have this on display at the wedding.

Cutting the cake with my mom and sister!

Cutting the cake with my mom and sister!

Typical shower picture :)

Typical shower picture :)

It was a gorgeous day so we took lots of pics outside on the water.

It was a gorgeous day so we took lots of pics outside on the water.

Can't wait to marry this guy <3

Can’t wait to marry this guy <3

Steve and I are feeling very fortunate for the amazing friends and family we have. We had so much fun putting away all our new things- I just wish we had more room for everything! My dress is from Macy’s and I thought it was the perfect shower dress. I bought it online months ago, but I don’t see it available anymore. The wedding is getting closer and we are getting more and more excited! Up next is sending out the invites! Oh and we started dance lessons too! I will post all about that next week. Have a great weekend!